1st IEEE Young Engineers Conference Hong Kong 2019 (IEEE YE20)

This event was held virtually on the 13th September 2020 as IEEE YE 20

Poster Competition Winners

1st Place: The Evaluation of Boat Visitation and its Effect on the Cetacean Population in Hoi Ha Wan – Uma Bery

2nd Place: The Effect of Particulate Matter Exhaust from the Lamma Island Power Station on the Particulate Level Throughout Hong Kong Relative to the World Health Organization’s Safety Standards – Emily Huang & Naomi Katayama

3rd Place: Integrating CAN bus with Blue Robotics thruster by customer PCB and protocol – Isaac Sin


Please see the reviewed papers in this folder.



The aim and objective of this student conference was to invite students from both high schools and universities in Hong Kong and Asia for a chance to present, research and write a poster and a paper on a topic that interests them.

A total of 16 posters were presented by 16 groups, a total of 20 students were involved.

Currently the organizing committee is arranging a student paper from each group and these will form the proceedings of this conference. The prosters and proceedings will be uploaded into Research Gate for futher use by the scientific community.

The organizers of this event would like to thank the Hong Kong CE/OES Joint Chapter Excecutive Committee and Cyberport for making this conference possible.

List of Topics

The following paper categories were welcomed:

Consumer Electronics Topics

– Data Collection with commercial products 

– Drones 

– Commercial ROV

– Commercially available Micro-Controllers (Micro:bit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi) 

– Sensor interface using commercial products 


– Smart City

– Robotics Interface (To sensors & To people) 

– Smart Home

– Smart Building

– Interesting & Unique Applications (APPS)

– 3D printing of Commercial & Industrial Design 


– Environmental data collection using Consumer electronics 

Oceanic Engineering Society Topics

– Application of non-commercial ROV

– Non- commercial ROV design 

– Scientific collection of Marine Data, Presentation + results 

– Methods and Results of Marine Survey 

– Sustainable Fisheries 

– Cetaceans Studies, surveys and results 

– Deep sea exploration and mapping

– Marine Search & Recovery of Underwater objects 

– Underwater sensors and technology

– Marine Environmental Issues 

– Marine Based Renewable Energy 

Invited Speakers

  • Dr. Ray Cheung
    • Secrety of the IEEE Hong Kong Section
    • Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, City University of Hong Kong
  • Ir. Dr KF Tsang
    • Chairman of the IEEE Hong Kong CE/OES Joint Chapter
    • Associate Professor, the Director of Wireless Sustainability Center, Department of Electronic Engineering, City University of Hong Kong
  • Dr. Robin Bradbeer
    • STEM Education Consultant


Meeting Room 2 & 3, Cyberport 1, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong


The Organizing Chair

IEEE HK Consumer Electronics & Oceanic Engineering Society Joint Chapter  (IEEE HK CE-OES)